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The General Purpose Saddle, also known as the GP Saddle or All Purpose Saddle, is the most commonly used and popular saddle.  

General Purpose Saddles are used across disciplines, and can be a great choice if you wish to purchase a saddle for a range of activities such as hacking, hunting or lower level competitions.  The General Purpose saddle has knee rolls, although these are smaller than a jump saddle.  The panels and flaps are straighter and the stirrup bars are further forward.  The waist of a GP saddle is wider to allow the rider’s weight to be distributed across a greater area and to reduce pressure points.

If you are looking to specialise in any particular area then a General Purpose or All Purpose saddle may not be the best choice, you may want to shorten your stirrups more with a Jump Saddle or Sport Saddle for example. General Purpose Saddles are also not comfortable for dressage and tend to push the rider position forward, we stock a range of Dressage Saddles for those looking to focus on that area.

At The Horse Boutique, we stock Albion, Ideal, Jeffries and Kent & Masters General Purpose Saddles.  We also have a large range of second-hand saddles and do sometimes offer part-exchange.

We advise our customers to have their new or second-hand saddle properly fitted by Michael Burleigh, Master Saddler with the Society of Master Saddlers and Qualified Saddle Fitter.  Find out more about Saddle Fitting on our dedicated page.

Take a look at our range of General Purpose Saddles:

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