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Saddle Fitting in Herefordshire and the surrounding regions from Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter Michael Burleigh.


Saddle fitting services in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and mid Wales with Michael Burleigh, owner of the Horse Boutique, Master Saddler and Qualified Saddle Fitter for the Society of Master Saddlers. Michael is highly experienced in the art of saddle fitting. He is passionate about his craft and believes that a well fitting saddle supports, nurtures and benefits both horse and rider. Michael has honed his technique working with a wide range of horses, from high level eventing through to sturdy horses eager to trek around the hills of Herefordshire and Mid Wales.

Michael’s work has improved the lives of hundreds of horses and a well fitting saddle will increase comfort for the rider.  Michael has an extensive understanding of the anatomy of horses and believes that it is important to help you understand his motivations for choosing a particular fit, size and brand of saddle that is right for your horse. With a wide range of new and second hand saddles in stock at the Horse Boutique, alongside his knowledge of the industry and other saddles on the market, he will be able to select the right saddle that works for you, your horse and your budget.

A properly fitting saddle will:

– Protect your horse’s spine and surrounding musculature
– Help enable your horse to properly use their ring of muscles
– Help your horse move freely within the envelope of release, especially the neck, back, shoulders and haunches

A poorly fitting saddle can lead to many health and performance issues including:

– Gait changes
– Muscle atrophy and pressure sores
– Stiffness and soreness in joints and muscles
– Lameness
– Behavioral issues

For riders, a well fitting saddle can help in a multitude of ways.  Including relieving back pain, something often associated with a poor fitting saddle for riders. It will also support your position in the saddle, helping your ride with not only more comfort but more skill.

A saddle that fits correctly should allow for movement without pinching or pain.  If you are noticing discomfort or changes in your horse’s attitude or behaviour under saddle then please do get in touch so we can talk though your concerns and see if we could help.

Michael works across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and into Mid and West Wales.

If you would like to discuss saddle fitting or would like to book an appointment, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

“Today the riding public has far greater awareness of the important part the saddle plays in terms of welfare, comfort and success.  A well-designed, well-made and well fitting saddle is an excellent tool.  A saddle that is poorly designed – or one that has inherent manufacturing defects – or one that doesn’t fit well is at best a hindrance, at worst, a disaster in the making.” – The Society of Master Saddlers.

“Fitting saddles is like fitting a child’s shoe, it needs to be done correctly to allow for movement without pinching or pain. If you are noticing discomfort or changes in your horse’s attitude or behaviour under saddle then it may be time for a professional assessment of how your saddle is fitting.” – The Society of Master Saddlers

Michael will run through the following steps with your horse to assess its needs and suitability for a range of saddles

  • Position Of The Saddle
  • Angle Of The Points
  • Panel Pressure and Contact
  • Pommel To Cantle Relationship
  • Level Seat
  • Wither Clearance
  • Channel Clearance/Gullet Width
  • Saddle Stability
  • Seat Length
  • Horse Response


As a qualified Master Saddler, Michael is able to work on your existing saddle to help you maintain it properly.  Having your leather work, stitching or saddle trees repaired before they break is important, not only for maintaining your saddle fit and performance, but also for your safety.

Some of the areas of the saddle that Michael can help repair are:

– Girth Straps
– Knee Grips
– Broken Saddle Trees
– Saddle Seats

If you are concerned about any area of your saddle and would like to speak to the team at the Horse Boutique about repairs then please call The Horse Boutique on 01568 708 280 or email

Over the years Michael has developed a strong reputation for going the extra mile.  While he will work to ensure that you are able to have a better seat and see quick results after fitting the right saddle for your horse, but the support does not end there.

Michael takes pride in ensuring that his clients receive the very best aftercare and believes that no question is too small to ask – if you have any concerns about the fit of your saddle, or you notice a change in your horse over time then he will be on hand to help. Your horse will change over time, strengthening some muscles or potentially picking up injuries or pressure points as you ride out. Saddle fitting is a partnership between you, your horse and Michael and monitoring your horses progress and highlighting concerns before they become issues is part of the process.

Michael is deeply passionate about helping horse and rider enjoy all the trappings that come with being involved in this sport or hobby, his commitment to attentive aftercare goes beyond any commercial leanings and reflects his dedication as a true horseman.

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For the Benefit of Horse and Rider

The Saddle Fitting Process

We usually start with a phone call, discussing the needs of your horse and you as a rider is of paramount importance. Michael will ask questions about the background of your horse, dwelling on any injuries or concerns you may have and your reasons for seeking a saddle fitting services.  He will also discuss your budget, we are very aware that this process can seem expensive but it doesn’t have to be – especially when weighed against the long term health benefits for your horse.

Michael will then set an appointment to conduct a thorough saddle fitting inspection of your horse, he can either travel to you or you can come to the Horse Boutique shop in Kingsland Herefordshire, where there is a large yard with room for turning for horse boxes.  Michael is highly experienced around horses and will ensure that both you and your horse feel comfortable at all times.  From there Michael will be able to find the right saddle for your horse, drawing on years of professional experience and with a deep understanding of different disciplines and needs you may have as a rider.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please contact Michael on:

New & Second Hand Saddles Available