Herefordshire Based Horse Rug Cleaning, Reproofing & Mending Services

Our horse rug cleaning, reproofing and horse rug mending services are offered from our shop in Kingsland, North Herefordshire.  There is good access just off the A4110 from Leominster.  We service a large geographic region, including all Herefordshire, Worcestershire, South Shropshire and into mid-Wales.

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Horse Rug Cleaning, reproofing and repair Herefordshire

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Our experienced staff are here to help, so if you would like your horse rugs cleaned, reproofed or mended then please fill in the quick form below to book your rugs in.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Horse Boutique.  If you would like to discuss bulk orders, please give the shop a call on 01568 708 280.

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We are open Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm

Horse Rug Cleaning near Leominster

We offer professional and affordable rug washing and reproofing services.  We can manage anything from small jobs, one-off rugs in need of attention after a long winter, through to large jobs from studs, liveries and riding schools.  Our experienced staff will clean your horse rug using modern techniques and with high-quality products. The service is based at our shop in Kingsland, Herefordshire.  There is a large yard for turning trailers, so if you would like all your rugs cleaned and reproofed then you can load them up!  For large orders we may also be able to offer a collection and delivery service, please call the Horse Boutique shop on 01568 708 280 or email to discuss your needs.

We take great care in returning your rug to you in great condition, we dry rugs naturally wherever possible and wash them in cold water this helps them stay in shape and helps ensure they have many more years of active service left in them but doesn’t compromise on the quality of the result.

If your horse has suffered from any infections, particularly ringworm or any other skin complaints, please do let us know. On request, and for a small additional charge, rugs can be washed in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents.

Horse Rug Mending & Reproofing in Herefordshire

Even with the strongest modern fabrics used on rugs they can suffer damage in the field or stable.  A tare in your rug can affect its performance, not allowing the rug to do its job properly and which has an impact on your horse’s health.  Our skilled staff can repair and reproof rugs to the highest standard, working on each rug individually and finding the best fabric and stitching to help ensure that the rug is returned to you in great condition.  We are passionate about rugs at the Horse Boutique and our rug reproofing service is focused on maintaining the standard of the rug, not simply patching it up.

The horse rug cleaning, reproofing and mending service is based at our shop in Kingsland, Herefordshire.  Please drop in or call us to discuss your needs, there is a large yard  by the shop so if you need to bring several rugs there is room for turning your trailer.  For services for rugs from larger stables, liveries or riding schools in Herefordshire and Mid Wales we can potentially offer a collection and return service, please call us on 01568 708 280 or email to find out more.

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